Richard Bishara

Richard Bishara is well-experienced when it comes to marketing and business development. His engagement in different fields provided his expertise to help businesses. These are in line with his previous works.


This blog is all about three topics that Richard Bishara is very eager to share, which are Marketing, Business Management, and artificial intelligence(AI) and the outcomes for the businesses.

Current Roles

Richard Bishara is an expert and devoted professional when it comes to the field of digital marketing. He earned it through his experiences in working since 2005 in different niches like marketing, business and web development, design, finance, freight, and auto transportation, real estate, and e-commerce. He graduated as a Civil Engineer and applied it in construction and architecture, then studied Marketing.

About Business Management

If you are tactical, using internet marketing to build an online presence is a wise decision. In this guide, we will be discussing tips about how to create your online marketing strategy. Links that are showing up on every page of a website are called site-wide links. These links are placed at the bottom of the page. It helps in directing traffic to the essential parts of your site, like products page or making an order. Creating a menu for these links would benefit your website because it will redirect visitors to explore other pages of the website. The list for links should be well-organized has descriptions for every link for it to be effective.

Marketing Automation Technology

Marketing activities that are automated and utilize different software is called marketing automation. Efficiency is the main objective of why various marketing teams use automation, especially for constant tasks such as email marketing, social media posting, and ad campaigns. Automation also helps in the customers' experience, as it makes everything more personalized and interactive.

Areas of Expertise

Working as a freelancer for many thriving years, Richard was able to develop companies using his expertise in market strategy plus web programming and development. He also demonstrated his knowledge in different software suites such as PHP, Python, Javascript, CSS3, HTML, Bootstrap Magento, Jquery, MySql, Angular js, Ajax, and NodeJS.

Development of Artificial
Intelligence (AI)

In this blog, we will be discussing the expansion and improvement of business management, the tactics, and technologies that the businesses adopted. Richard Bishara has comprehensive knowledge about these subjects because of his education and ordeal as a freelancer. This blog will also include one of Bishara's passions, which are software suites that improved firms. We will dig deep into the business of programming, how it functions, and the results for modern-day marketing.

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